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My office staff makes every effort to accommodate patients as much as possible. I have been in dentistry since 1984 and my practice is very busy. I realize that patients do not like to wait however there are times when I cannot possibly work in all those wanting to get in on short notice. Emergency appointments are sometimes limited to those who are in pain, have swelling, or are unsightly. A lost filling or chipped tooth that is completely without symptoms sometimes have to wait a little bit but, most times these situations are not as urgent as patients may think initially.

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No individual should ever wait for necessary dental treatments. Keystone Square Dentistry has been providing several decades of premium dental care to many. With a wide variety of general and cosmetic services and procedures, you and your loved ones will find everything you need with our dental services.

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My job as your dental consultant is to advise your oral conditions, provide options for treatment, and recommend treatments according to the patient's needs. The patient is ultimately in control of the treatment I render. Dentistry now offers a wide array of restorative materials and methodology of teeth replacement. In any option there are advantages and disadvantages. It is my duty to inform the patient of these options, their costs, along with advantages and disadvantages. Together, the patient and I will decide the best treatment for the situation.

Treatments available

The art and science dentistry includes many different facets of treatment. As a General Dentist I can perform many of these services, however, there are services I have decided not to include in my treatment arsenal. There are many different reasons for this, but most of the time it is because I do not feel comfortable doing a service that I only occasionally have needs for. This would include most surgical involved treatments. If I am only doing surgeries two or three times per year, you don’t want me doing your surgery anyway. Fortunately, in this area, we have a great selection of dental specialists available to assist with patients’ needs when treatments are beyond what I feel comfortable with.


I offer dentistry that is everything from bare essentials only to a Hollywood make over. What we do depends on the patients’ desires. I refuse to pressure sell any patient to improve my income; I view that as unethical and completely unfair. When a patient is presented with the options, advantages, and disadvantages, cost estimate and consequence of non-treatment or delayed treatment the dentistry sells itself.



Because I do not subscribe as a Dental Insurance Provider and am not required to chase insurance companies for payment, I can operate with a much smaller staff. This reflects in fees that are as reasonable as possible. Dentistry is not cheap. The materials, the equipment, the staff, and the office overhead all add up in dentistry’s expense. I have an uninsured fee for service patients. I do everything in my power to keep my fees as low as I can for these folks.

Outside the dental office I am a serious fisherman. Fly fishing for trout is my passion and my therapy. Being outdoors with nature keeps me level and helps me deal with the high stress of dentistry.


Dentistry requires good hand-eye coordination that I capitalize on with hours of fly tying in my spare time. Trout fishing teaches patience and that guides me through work by not rushing.

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